SimWise 4D

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Viewing and Visualization

Model with fixed annotation text, dynamic annotation arrow, translucent piston head and colored (red) connection rod.


Rectilinear Kinematics: Continuous Motion

A block moves in a straight line with velocity v=(9t^2 +2t)ft/s, where t is in seconds. Graph block position and acceleration for the interval t=0..3 seconds
A ball is thrown up with a velocity of 15 m/s from a height of s=40 meters. Graph height and velocity until s=0 meters
A particle initial velocity v=2m/s @ t=0 when it accelerates with a=60v^-4 m/s². Plot position, velocity and acceleration for interval t=0..3 seconds
Particle A and B both start at s=0, t=0 with respectively a=8 m/s² and a=2t^1.5 m/s². Plot the distance between particle A and B
A particle is thrown at an angle of 60° to the horizontal with a velocity of 70ft/s. Plot particle height and distance until height is 40ft and direction downwards